BPR’s Prada

PBR’s Kong 

Upcoming breeding, these Cane Corso puppies will be perfect for an additional family member/family protection dog. Out of two PBR Cane Corso puppies that was produced and mattered in the PBR Cane Corso program. Now as adult specimens we have approved and matched these two together to what we believe will be a balance, Cane Corso. In a family or no family setting. located in the Tampa Bay area.


This outgoing litter of Cane Corso puppies should be here in July 2023. Rhea is one of our top producing females at PBR Cane Corso. Her puppies are always the favorites with clients. Intelligent, confident and fast to train. A lot of our working dogs have come from her. Tampa Florida.

BPR’s Picasso


They have arrived PBR Cane Corso puppies we have been wanting for out of Rhea. In the Tampa Bay area 








PBR Cane Corso Puppies Tampa FL 33624